How To Make Money With Silver?

Silver! Gold. US Dollar. US Debt. The US Fed. Global Economics.

That is the short  answer. And of course, you need to buy silver. The physical silver bars, coins, or bullion. So its pretty easy, you buy silver now and sell it when the price goes up.

Any questions?

Okay, you should have several questions. Lots of them. This was all new to me at one time and slowly getting my ‘complete’ understanding of it.

However, I’m no expert on the topic of silver, but I do own some. I wish I bought more when I did and I’m moving around my funds to buy more now.

I would recommend you listen to an expert on silver, BEFORE YOU BUY SILVER.

Now I imagine you will stop reading because I said “listen to a silver expert”.

In general, I would start to be leery of “experts” or anyone promoting one. But know this, I would say someone is an expert if the following things are true:

1) They are NOT backed or funded or promoted by any organization. They are basically… “on their own”. Otherwise I promise you there will be conflict of interests. That is a given!

2) They do. They don’t talk about it. Meaning, they became an expert by doing, not reading about it or talking about it, etc.

3) They generally have a good sense about them where they have learned that, by helping others, I will benefit.

IMO, you will find your Silver Expert by Clicking This Link!

So, who is NOT an expert on silver… anyone on TV.  Anyone in the government. Anyone that is part of any financial institution.


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Family guy working to be a great dad! Learn about silver and how to profit from it.

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